Richard Fox

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Richard Fox
White Ravel in K II
Sycamore with earth paint and stone base
height 48 cm (18 7/8 in)
£ 6,750.00

Working to drawings and sketches, Richard Fox brings the flow of his pencil lines to life, with the form and void of each sculpture giving them a natural rhythm.

In his wooden works, Fox shows unique skill in creation using sycamore and natural pigment, each sculpture twisted and turned, sanded and varnished to withstand temperature variation and moisture changes. Using techniques derived from those of boat-builders, Fox crafts timber into intricate forms inspired by musical scores, for example Ravel. Each section is bonded to make the visually delicate structure remarkably resilient. Works are then fixed to a sandstone base using a stainless steel pin and shaft which allows them to rotated for different angles of viewing.