Consultancy for Private and Business Clients

  • John Franzen
  • Ralph Heimans
  • Cornelia Parker
  • John Cleveley The Elder
  • Marcus Hodge
  • Benjamin Ferrers
  • Jack Milroy
  • What we do 


    HOLLANDRIDGE  GROUP is an independent art consultancy working in both the private and business sectors. No project is too large or too small for our team! We comission both established and emerging artists to suit your budget, we source or commission individual works of art, we can curate an art collection or work with interior designers on both residential or corporate projects.  


    We take great pride in the bespoke service and relationships that we build with our clients, with decades of experience in the art world, we are market savvy, experienced, discreet and have a wealth of contacts to draw upon.  


    HOLLANDRIDGE can source art from all periods but specialises in contemporary artists.  Over the years we have built up an extensive database of paintings, photography, sculpture and drawings by contemporary artists from around the world allowing us to create 'preview selections' of artists to fit your brief and where appropriate manipulate architectural renderings or photographs show what different options might look like in situ.


    Above all, we aim for the process of buying, commissioning and collecting art to be an enjoyable and exciting experience.