Jethro Jackson

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Jethro Jackson
Dip, Underlie
40 x 40cm
Oil and gold on board

Jethro Jackson is an artist living and working in North Cornwall.
Recent projects have taken Jethro away from the aesthetic he has become best known for and given him space to explore a new narrative, concerned with preserving our most precious natural resources and the traditional ways of gathering them.

Whilst still very much connected to his homeland, these paintings are part of a journey towards something new - they represent an exciting aspect of Jethro’s development as a painter who will forever be a Cornishman.

Jethro Jackson
Studio Gallery

Beyond 2023

"The visual narrative and conversation in this series appeared during the first months of painting with automatism back in the studio.

I was determined to strip back and abstract the landscape, and the inspiration that I’d found on that afternoon in Porthtowan began to make sense. I looked at the post war modernist painters for inspiration, searching for clues to pull my own thoughts and brush marks together." More »