James Drinkwater

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James Drinkwater
Sunday In Albi, 2023
Oil on linen
70 9/10 × 78 7/10 in | 180 × 200 cm

James Drinkwater is an artist whose work reflects personal fragments about history and are of emotion relative to an experience. Interested in the land of our richly textured world and the found objects attached to an archive of history sensitive to a place, Drinkwater constructs a response working across, poetry, collage, sculpture and painting to draw his own language from love, intimacy and memory. More »

New Abstractions Exhibition
Gallery 6, Cromwell Place, London, March 2024

“Each painting is a journal entry, a direct transfer from an experience. In a simple day by the sea I am both participant and witness. Visual documents become compost to draw from and mine via the most magnificent yet unreliable source; human memory. Memory is my preferred point of reference, a reservoir of snapshots correlated daily are sorted and stored. Then comes permission, which allows my memory of the event and the act of painting to compound and galvanise to become whatever it needs to become, walking the tightrope of what to control and what to give over to chaos. This is an exercise in letting go. To give myself permission to process allows for new pathways to emerge new ways of painting. In this alchemy I am both author and student. As an 'Intimist' I find paintings or ideas for paintings, everywhere in the everyday. A bather juxtaposed by the angle of a beach umbrella with its chameleon canopy underpinned by the patternation of a towel resting on yellow. Things imagined on the ocean floor, revelations at the ocean shore”.